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Lunei Game Design

The game is a 3rd Person Action RPG, with puzzle/platformer elements. The player may choose and customize a character’s appearance in detail. Main Game Website




Character Modelling

Skills and Attributes

Character Timers

Map Design (UI)

  • Map Locations should contain the following:
    • Name
    • Location in WS: FVector
    • Thumb Image to distinguish town/city/cave/POI
    • Previously Discovered, this will be used to show/hide the item on the map UI.
  • Map Controls:
    • Input is Forwarded from the player controller to the map actor.
    • Fwd/Right move the map camera, lock on view, meaning the view will not rotate.
    • PrimaryFire will adjust focal point and camera position.
    • Evade will reset camera position.
    • Each island have their own map camera.
    • Map cameras can not move beyond landscape *Use swept sphere cast to ensure.



There will be a story line quest, directed side quests and radiant side quests

Sidequest ideas:

Card collection: talk to a man in the game who collects cards. Show him your collection and get rewards. One of the rewards is the rare card dropper. He also studies the cards to learn of a mythical place the ancients had sealed. After collecting all the cards he is able to unseal the place, and there is a boss inside.

Ultimate weapons: Every class has a set of ultimate items that only they can wield. These items will mainly be achievable through sidequests.

The nervous man: There is a man in Chartira who tells you his wife is trapped in a cave by crazed people. When you get to the cave he mentioned you find only blood and bones. The man then appears and tells you he ate her. He then turns into a wolf and attacks you.

The Sanecap: In Chartira valley you might find a madcap behaving strangely. You can't attack it and following it leads you to a rock. Under the rock is a note. "If you find my pet madcap please return her to me in Fernwyre". In Fernwyre you break into the owner's house and find him dead. The madcap mourns over the body. Then leads you into the basement to get a reward.

The Panoply: Someone tells you of a mythical set of armor that was initially built to house the gods. You have to collect all the pieces and then bring it back to them. Then they say that there is a place where it can be infused to give it power. When you go there the armor does gets infused with Sun Power and comes alive and attacks you. When you take it back to the guy he makes you go to 4 more places to get it infused with the other Powers as well. Once thats done he gives you the set. It's a well rounded strong set.

Returned items: Some enemies in the game have a chance to drop items that belong to people. You return them to people and get exp rewards.

Empowered enemies: Some enemies will spawn with an empowered status. They have some special visual effects on them and are stronger. They can drop rare (empowered) cards and, after killing one, you can go to the bounty hunter and get a reward. After killing a certain amount of empowered creatures the bounty hunter will send you on a directed quest for a specific bounty.

Alignment Points


Doors and travel activators


DLC: Mounts for exploration and traversal of large and vast terrain.

Automated Turrets and Towers

These may be crafted by the player, or found at enemy strongholds.

  • Catapults
    • Arcing projectiles
  • Magic Turrets
    • Fires power projectiles
  • CrossBow Turrets
    • Fires arrows in quick succession.
  • Shield Barrier
    • Placed by NPC and player characters
    • Provides temporary shielding against turrets and any damage that hits the shield.

Clothing And Armor

Clothing and armor must match the style of the location they come from.

This section describes the clothing and armor for each character class in detail, some clothing and armor will be shared across classes, some will be unique to a particular class.


As the heroes travel through Lunei they will find items called Brands. They can use these to brand themselves in one of 6 locations: Arms, Neck, Back and Legs. Only one brand can be 'equipped' in each slot at a time. These brands will grant alignment points, and brands can potentially be combined to create stronger ones. Or upgraded in some other way.

Hair Styles

This section details the different hairstyles the game will have, and which character classes can have them.

  • Link to google drive reference folder for hairstyles.


Vines, Roads and Rivers



This section describes the animals and fauna in the game, where they can be found, and what purpose ( if any ), they serve.

  • Wolves - Food, Can be used for clothing/weapon crafting
  • Deer - Food, clothing, weaponry, potions: health
  • Bears - Food, clothing, etc...
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Hedgehogs
  • Squirrels
  • Fish, Type XYZ


To work on this project you need to follow the following guide, and have the following competencies. Our Team Core Competencies

Day/Night Cycle

Lunei uses a custom built day / night cycle blueprint, that can control the time of day, the sun automatically will set and rise and the game progresses.

  • UE4: Blueprint'/Game/Archviz/Lunei_SkySphere.Lunei_SkySphere'
    • Simply drop the skysphere in the level, and adjust the sunspeed to make the sun rise/set faster.
    • Also includes randomized storms like rain and snow.
    • These may also be triggered by calling "StormFunc" on the skysphere itself.
    • Night time falls between 50 and 130. Sky and sun brightness, as well as the cloud opacity and colors will vary and be randomized over time.
Day Cycle
Night Cycle

Custom Spawner

This will demo how to use the custom mesh spawner.

Environment Kits

This section details environment kits, used for modular level design, where certain kits, may be used in certain environments, to achieve a particular archviz style. Kits will include SpeedTree assets and static meshes/materials, including blueprints and /or particles systems. Kits will include the content folder in the asset browser in the game project in Unreal Engine, and to the folder/location where the Maya/ZBrush files are located.

  • Rock Kit
    • This kit is used to create larger mountain like boulders and rock structures, and is meant to be used by rotating and scaling into each other over a given area, materials have been specifically created to transition between larger and smaller scaled textures for scaling up meshes
    • ZBrush: ZBrush\Rocks
    • Maya: Maya\LuneiMaya\scenes\Rocks*'
    • Substance: Substance\Boulder*, Substance\MountainRock*, Substance\RockyMount*, Substance\SlateRock*, Substance\SpikyRock*
    • UE4: /Game/Geometry/Meshes/Rocks/
 Rock Types:
 Boulders, MountainRock, RockyMount, SlateRock, SpikyRock, Terrace
    • Here are some snapshots of the progress so far
Lunei upd1 12.png
Lunei upd1 16.png
Lunei upd1 3.png
Lunei upd1 32.png
Lunei upd1 8.png
Lunei upd1 14.png
Lunei upd1 24.png

Description Image
Some Vegetation
10 2 Lunei Bushes.png
Some trees
11 7 Lunei Trees.png
Desert scene
11 8 Lunei Trees.png

Cave Kits

This section details Cave kits, used for modular caves.

Description Image
Cave Kit

Temple Kits

This section details Temple kits, used for modular Temples.

Description Image
Temple Kit

Town Kits

This section details Town kits, used for modular towns.

Description Image
Town Kit - Modular assets to create buildings, houses
Town Kit - modular assets and blueprints, props for town exteriors, buildings
Town Kit - road spline mesh


This section details Towns.


This section contains information about the town, Baldorain.