Introducing a fun game where you are a fish, and you can do some very interesting stuff.

Like Shooting, Teleport, Possess other fish, cast a ShockWave when swarmed and many more interesting skills!

Also introducing the #ComicConAfrica 2018 Arena Edition, where you are pitted against the AI, in an all out arena battle! See how many kills you can rack up! And see how long you can survive!

FishGibble uses the Unreal Engine 4 technology, and will require a decent gaming rig to do the job.

By downloading and/or installing this software, you are agreeing to the EULA found here

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NOTE: Game downloads are no longer available.

Go to Valve’s Steam and find us there for future games.

Downloads are in binary form, and requires a tool that can unrar the packaged files.

Minimum Specifications. *To run on Low/Medium graphics settings. ~30fps

i5 4th Gen, GTX 960, 250GB HDD, 16GB DDR3 RAM, Monitor must support 1920×1080 full HD  ( UHD not supported )

The game can also be run on integrated graphics, but only on Low/Med settings.

Recommended Specs: *To run on High graphics settings, with maximum texture pool size. ~60fps

i7 8th Gen, GTX 1080, 250GB SSD/NVME, 32GB DDR4 RAM, Monitor must support 1920×1080 full HD   ( UHD not supported )

Tips on doing stuff.

Attract And Throw:

Hold down ‘Use Power’ while aiming with the ‘Aim’ button, default is ‘E’ for Use Power, and Right Mouse for Aim until you hit the attract ball, then the camera will auto snap back to 3rd person view.


You can possess enemies while Aiming at them, so default is Right Mouse to Aim, then ‘Use Power’ default is ‘E’ while swimming away or towards an enemy to possess.

Power Selection:

Use buttons 1-0 on the keyboard to select , or use default ‘Tab’ to cycle powers.
This will only select the power, then use default ‘E’ ‘Use Power’ to use that power.


If pressing a hotkey, hold down the hotkey to select and use the power instantly. It will
Override your previous skill selected.
You can only have one skill selected at any time.
But you can use as many skills as you like, while skills are active.
Meaning you can combine skills, and the higher the level of the skill, the quicker the cooldown to use another skill, use this for a much better advantage over the AI.

Press F1 while in game, to display the current keybindings.


If you press ‘Fire’ ( Default Left Mouse ) without aiming, you will shoot ammo, the projectile will travel in the direction of where the character is facing.

Level Up Menu:

Will instantly refill health, energy and ammo after leveling up.

Customization Screen and (Map *In Open World)

Will NOT pause the game, you can die while using those, so be careful where you use them.

Camera Clipping

Will happen in first person mode, can see through some walls etc..

Flock Blending

While flock blending the flock can move through solid objects sometimes.

Enemies on Last Breath

Sometimes enemies will not go away, or despawn after dying. This is a known issue.

Conversation History

The names of fish you had conversations with get mixed up, and all conversations will be saved to a particular fish in the history tab.

Tutorial Level

You can not die in the tutorial level, but if you manage to lose the ball, due to dodgy physics
Or if you manage to run out of energy, simply restart the game.


You can not save or fast travel while buffs are active.
Checkpoints will remain in place if you activate them with an active buff.
Meaning you can come back later after the buff has worn off.

Save Games

Look in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\FishGibbleUE4\Saved\SaveGames, edit at own risk.
The game will auto roll the last 5 saves for you
Meaning you can reload 4 saves back, just go and check in Windows Explorer, which save game was prior. It will of course always be saved, 1,2,3,4,5..then roll over back to 1.
So you can assume, if you want to reload a previous save, and your last save was 5, you can reload 4. Or if your last save was 1, you can reload 5.

Dying Too Much?

Use buffs, diversion flare, and invisibility more. And flee.
In the open world, use the Flock Blending and you can move around undetected.
But you have no control over where the flock will take you.
Simply hit ‘Shoot’ again to leave the flock.

Green Safe Zones

Will recharge your health, energy and ammo.
After leaving them, will make you invisible for 10 seconds.
Will become red after leaving them, and stay inactive for a few seconds.
Do not swim through them, as you will waste a valuable resource, chill there for a few.

Mixing Skills

There is no limitation on how many skills you can mix/match together.
You can combine skills like Slow Time and Speed Boost, after a skill has cooled down
You can immediately use another skill.

Although Health boost and Shields have been fully implemented, and some enemies even have those abilities
which you can use while possessing them, they are not attainable in game for the main player.

Like the game? Why is this free?

It was on Steam Greenlight in Version 1.0, where you had to collect keys, and was only supposed to be a few tank levels, it has evolved and was completely redesigned and rewritten from the ground up, from that, but the game is free because this
Is the stepping stone to our next game, which will not be free, and will be bigger and better!

Known Bugs

*Although the game is considered completed, these are known issues and have no ETC to get fixed, as this is a free game, development and funding has been halted.

1. Sometimes AI do not despawn after dying, but they don’t move and don’t cause damage.
2. Conversations in the Journal logs to the incorrect fish.
3. Camera clipping occurs in First Person Mode.
4. After receiving a prompt to unlock a skill, if the player spends a point in stead of unlocking that skill, the skill is never unlockable after a reload.
5. Default game setting is 1920×1080, on UHD and smaller screens, the game screen does not show, and the game is not playable.
6. When closing the game, and sometimes after running the game for the very first time, Substance Caching causes a crash. After reloading this crash goes away, but the game always crashes on close.
7. Enemies may swarm the player causing a Physics lock, meaning the player can’t move while they are blocking them.
8. The flocks will sometimes stop moving, and as there are no physics checks while flock blending, the player can move through solid objects while flock blending.

And Lastly AI

In this game, the bigger the AI, the more difficult
AI will sometimes leave you alone, sometimes flee, but mostly attack you.


WARNING: People with photosensitive seizures should avoid this game as it uses flashing imagery.

Because this game is free, it does not have an ESRB rating as it is not available from a store front.
This game contains cartoon violence, and depictions of cartoonish blood/gore, that is not able to be switched off..
Goofish Game Studios suggests the game is not suitable for children under age 10

FishGibble™ Is a registered trademark.
Copyright GooFish Game Studios 
All Rights Reserved.