Our mission is to make games that are fun, and that we like to play.


If you want to join us, checkout Careers.


If you want to learn more about Game Development, then start here.

Go and checkout CG Mastery Academy https://www.cgmasteracademy.com They offer professional training and prepare you for working in a  studio environment.

Online Courses

Visit animschool to get industry professionals to teach you how to model, rig and animate at studio quality.

Checkout GameInstitute for an online institution that will teach you software development skills or artist skills required to work in the industry as a professional.

Checkout CGMasterAcademy for online tracks and courses to get into the industry as a professional.

There are many more institutions to consider, find one that suits your needs, and talk to students and alumni to get a sense if the institution will meet your needs. Start building your Demo Reel as early as possible.

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